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Updated: May 31, 2019

End of Lease Cleaning: Boxes, cleaning supplies

Regular Cleaning throughout your tenancy may go a long way to prepare you for an end of tenancy clean.

For many renters, an end of tenancy clean perhaps means that the truth will finally surface. For example, your rental home is not the same rental home you moved into; adjacent areas are built up with shocking dust clouds and not to mention the patches of mould that will not lift without thought and effort.

Move out cleaning can also be very stressful. Landlords and estate agencies have the right to charge tenants for any clean-up costs that may occur during or after your tenancy has ended, which could reflect how the landlord returns your security deposit. For additional guidance about obtaining your full deposit back, please learn more here.

Your End of Tenancy Cleaning does not have to be a terrifying thought. Here at The Shoreditch Cleaners we only know too well that your regular cleaning may not be practical due to studying, working, or other commitments. That is why we have developed the perfect end-of-tenancy checklist to assist you with your move out cleaning needs, and to help you secure your security deposit!

Should I complete my End Tenancy Cleaning myself?

At the end of your tenancy, you have a choice to complete your end of tenancy cleaning yourself following your landlord or letting agents end of lease cleaning check-list, or you can hire a professional end of lease cleaning service to do this for you. The option is entirely yours!

If you do decide to opt for professional cleaners to carry out your end of tenancy cleaning, and you're finding it difficult to find a service, then your letting agent or landlord maybe able to arrange your end of tenancy clean for you.

How much does a move out clean cost?

Based on a studio flat in London, the average price for an end-of-tenancy-clean can range between £90 - £120. Rates do vary from job to job, which may depend on the size of your property and its cleaning condition, which will reflect on the price you’d pay. You may need a free in-home end of lease cleaning consultation, if necessary.

What is a move out cleaning CHECKLIST?

As part of your tenancy agreement, a tenant is required to return their end of tenancy home in a clean and maintained manner. For your rented property you must follow an end of lease cleaning checklist supplied by your landlord or letting agent. A violation of this clause may mean that you lose your security deposit to cover any clean-up costs that may occur. If you do decide to clean your end of lease home yourself, it might be worth talking to your landlord or letting agent so that you can obtain an end of lease cleaning checklist from them. Alternatively, if you do opt for cleaning professionals to do this for you, then they should have one already that is agency and landlord approved.

How long does end of tenancy cleaning take?

Depending on the size and condition of your end of tenancy home, will depend on the number of hours it will take to clean. The average time for an end-of-tenancy-clean usually takes anything between 3 – 6 hours to complete. Keep in mind though; it is always better to allow more time to achieve a deep clean.

What does a move out clean include?

So far we’ve gathered that your property needs to be gleaming to receive your security deposit back.

Following The Shoreditch Cleaners end of Tenancy cleaning checklist, you will be able to carry out a superb end-of-tenancy-clean.

The below checklist is formatted room by room to give you extra guide and clarification!

White Grey Kitchen


Exterior & Interior

  • Cleanse fire door; door frame door handles front and back,

  • Clean skirting boards and woodwork

  • Remove any cobwebs

Fixtures & Fittings

  • Wash and clean kitchen cabinets inside/outside/underneath

  • Remove all cobwebs

  • Remove any mould

  • Cleanse all kitchen worktops

  • Remove waste and grime around the sink

  • Descale sink, disinfect, cleanse, and polish kitchen taps

  • Clean kitchen worktops

  • Wash and clean kitchen tiles (with special soap)

  • Cleanse and wipe clean boiler front and sides

  • Clean and disinfect bin


  • Remove dirt and residue from the dishwasher. Cleanse inside and out including seal

  • Remove old food from the fridge, thoroughly cleanse inside and out, including seal

  • Remove any food from the freezer and clean freezer front and side (defrost freezer if possible)

  • Clean inside and outside the oven (degreasing oven racks and grills, glass panels etc.)

  • Sanitise washing machine inside and out + seal

  • All electrical appliances cleaned (toaster, microwave, kettle etc.)


  • Clean inside window panels

  • Window Glass

  • Blinds


  • Dust and clean light shades

  • Carefully clean and wipe away grime (switches, plugs, light fittings)


  • Floor swept/ hoovered/mopped

White bathroom



  • Fire door cleansed back and front

  • Door frames cleansed

  • Door handles washed and wiped

  • Skirting and any woodwork washed and dried

Fixtures and Fittings

  • Remove limescale and cleanse shower tiles and screen

  • Remove any limescale, hair or other waste around the bath and cleanse

  • Clean and polish tap fittings and all pipes if accessible

  • Remove any mould

  • Wash inside and outside the toilet bowl

  • Descale and disinfect toilet

  • Towel holders cleaned and polished

  • Bathtub cleaned inside and out

  • Wash tiles and grout

  • Wipe dust and dirt from extractor fans

  • Clean radiators + any pipe rails

  • Clean and polish mirror/glass and any bathroom cabinets

  • Remove any cobwebs

  • Empty Bin & Clean


  • Clean and wipe window seals

  • Clean Glass

  • Blinds/Net Curtains washed (check label first)


  • Dust lampshades

  • Carefully clean light switches, plug sockets


  • Cleanse Extractor fan

  • Clean Shower-head