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Your home cleaning FAQs here!


How much is a cleaning service?

We usually charge by the hour for Regular cleaning, and After-party cleaning. For all other services: End of Tenancy Cleaning, One-Off Deep Cleaning, House Clearance & Cleaning, we give you a quote for the entire cleaning job, which has no time limit attached. Each home is unique and has different needs. We generally assess each property based on its size and its condition. If we cannot asses your property adequately based on the information you’ve given us on our booking form or over the phone, we would kindly ask you if we could visit you at your home to provide you with a better estimate. We also accept photographs to make an assessment, if this is not convenient.

Do you offer a discount?

We offer 10% off for all first time cleans, and you would be discounted for regular home cleans too. Please call 0203 633 7218

Do I have to pay straight away for my cleaning service?

For certain services, yes you do. For example, if you decide that you want one of our cleaners to clean your home at regular intervals, then you have the choice to pay monthly. For one-off depp cleaning, end of lease cleaning, event cleaning, one off or regular green home cleaning, house clearance and cleaning, then you would have to pay after receiving your invoice, which is usually on the day of your home cleaning service.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept all credit cards, bank transfers, standing orders and even PayPal. We also accept cash too. If you are paying with money, then we would organise your invoice beforehand and give this to our cleaner who will be carrying out your cleaning service. You can pay them after your cleaning has been completed. Please call 0203 633 7218 to discuss this if you wish!

Are there any hidden charges or fees?

Absolutely not! You'd be pleased to know that there are no surprises. We’re here to make the magic happen, not to leave you broke. Based on your cleaning needs, everything would be on your final invoice.

Why am I being billed monthly for regular cleaning?

We understand that most people get paid monthly and we just want to make the billing process more comfortable for you. If you prefer to pay on the day of your clean, then that is not a problem either. Just talk to us, and we can arrange that. Call 0203 633 7218

Why is one-off cleaning more expensive?

Because booking regular cleaning comes with a discount

Why is Green Cleaning more expensive?

Because we supply all green cleaning products to clean your home. If you prefer us to use your green products, then please tell us from the outset, via phone on 0203 633 7218 or email info@theshoreditchcleaners.co.uk or at the time of booking, and we can take this into account when you are quoted or billed.

Please note, if you want a one-off green clean, then this would generally be more expensive since the regular green cleaning comes with a discount.

How does it work?

How does is work?

Our process is straightforward. Just use our book online form or ring us on 0203 633 7218 and we’ll ask you a few simple questions about you and your home. We will then send you a quotation based on your answers. You either accept this or decline. If you accept our quote, then we will book you in with one of our trusted cleaners. If you’ve booked our regular cleaning, then you don’t have to pay straight away. You will be billed monthly for this service. For any other service, you will be sent an invoice on the day of your clean for you to settle.

General Questions

Would I have the same Cleaner?

Yes, absolutely! We assign one of our cleaners that are local to your neighbourhood. You would also need to stick to your cleaning schedule, which would be personally mapped out for you when you accept our quotation based on your specific cleaning needs.

Can I change the date and time of my home cleaning

Yes of course. We would need to check the availability of your regular cleaner first, and if he/she is available on that required date or time, then you’re good to go. If not, we are more than happy to send another cleaner just as competent to carry out your cleaning requirements. Please let us know 48 hours before your cleaning commences to make these arranagemnts.

What can I do if I am unhappy with my home cleaning?

We hope that it doesn't come to that, but we offer our customers a Shoreditch Re-Clean Guarantee. We will go back and clean the specific areas that you are not pleased with, just as long as you notify us within 24 hours of the initial cleaning service taking place.

Would My Cleaner Speak English?

Definitely. The Shoreditch Cleaners is a British owned cleaning company, every cleaner we employ is local and speaks English very well.

I have a question but can’t see it in this FAQ section?

If you cannot find your question that you want answered, we are only a phone call away. Our number is 0203 633 7218. Alternatively, use our contact form to request a call back.

We are always here to help you!

What areas do you cover

London houses

We clean for most London areas. Areas we include are North-London, East-London, West-London, North-West London and Central London. Please click on your area and the neighbourhoods we clean for will be there. If you do not see your Neighbourhood, please get in touch as we still maybe able to clean for you.

What are your business hours?

Our cleaners work Monday through to Saturday. We are open from 08.00 hrs to 18.00hrs, Mon-Fri. On Saturday our cleaners work from 08.00 hrs until 14.00 hrs. We do not work on Sunday or Bank Holidays.

Can the cleaner come why I am at work?

Yes. Just let us know beforehand, and we can plan to pick your property keys up on the day that your cleaning commences. All our cleaners are thoroughly vetted, and background checked before being hired. In fact, they are 100% trustworthy.

Do I need to prepare my home for my cleaning schedule?

We ask that you remove expensive items and put them safely away to avoid being broken. If you require vacuuming underneath heavy furniture, then please move this so our cleaner can reach it. For all unreachable places, please let us know prior to the cleaning service taking place so we can add this to your schedule.

I am going on holiday, what do I need to do?

Please let us know 48hrs in advance.

Do cleaners work on Bank Holidays?

Unfortunately not. Our cleaners work really hard, and they too deserve that time off. If your cleaning visit falls on a bank holiday, we will arrange for your regular cleaner to visit you beforehand. We will notify you of course.

Do you offer a free home cleaning consultation?

We do offer free in-home cleaning consultations if necessary. If we cannot give you a quote based on the infomation you give us about your cleaning requirments, we then come to your home to assess this. Please contact us to arrange this.

What if the cleaner damages something in my home?

If damage does occur and it's our cleaners’ fault, all we ask is that you notify us straight away so we can investigate this. We will also do our best to compensate you.

Contact info

How can I contact you?

Contacting us is very simple. You can fill out our contact form and request a call back. If you need to speak with us over the phone regarding our cleaning services our number is 0203 633 7218, or you can email us using this link. Alternatively, if you're ready to book your cleaning service then you can book a cleaner here


What is included in a cleaning service?

Depending on what home cleaning service you want, your cleaner(s) would be following a cleaning schedule prepared and provided to them before your cleaning commences. This would be based on your cleaning requirements.

Extra Cleaning services can also be added to this schedule too just as long as you notify us beforehand. Call 0203 633 7218

What extra cleaning services do you provide?

We offer quite a few additional cleaning services. Please visit our extra cleaning services page to learn more or call us on 0203 633 7218

Can I add some extra cleaning services?

Yes of course! Just Yes you can. Just let us know on 0203 633 7218 beforehand and we will add this to your cleaning schedule.

Do you hand wash clothes?

No we do not hand wash clothes. We only take care of your laundry if you have a washing machine.

How do I cancel my cleaning services?

For regular home cleaning – you would need to give us at least 7 days’ notice.

If you wish to cancel any other cleaning service, then 48 hrs notice prior to the cleaning service would generally be required to avoid being charged for that particular clean. Please give us a call on 0203 633 7218

Cleaning Products

Do you supply the cleaning products and equipment?

We supply cleaning products for our green home cleaning service, and for our end of lease cleaning service, deep cleaning service and house clearance and deep cleaning service we provide both.

For reguar Cleaning you will need to supply our cleaners the basics, like a mop, hoover, cloths, sponges, and detergents. If you want us to provide cleaning products for your regular cleaning service, then an extra charge of £8 -£10 respectively will be added to your final bill. For equipment, please talk to us on 0203 633 7218 before booking and we can also arrange this too at an extra fee.

What Cleaning Products do you use?

We supply the best eco-friendly and home remedy cleaning products. All products used are high-performing and sourced to produce the same spotless effects in the home without harming the environment. We believe that being spotless doesn’t mean that we must harm the environment. The products we use are 100% natural, non-hazardous, non-toxic and enhanced with essential oils.


Would I be locked into a long-term cleaning contract?

For some cleaning compnaies yes you would, but with `The Shoreditch Cleaners` there is NO long term cleaning contract attached. If you wish to cancel your cleaning schedule for regular home cleaning , then all we ask is that you give us 7-days’ notice.